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Special Learners Need Engaging Materials Today

“I felt like the only way to get around the stigma of special needs was to make my room the most exciting room in the building.”  - David Lazerson, Special Education Teacher

When two-thirds of all classroom materials are purchased by teachers to give students with special needs the extra support to succeed, special education classrooms need a hand now more than ever.

Contributions to the Special Education Fund will support special education classrooms across the country. On, teachers choose the supplies they need to create classrooms where students can prosper. As a contributor to this fund, you will receive thank-you notes as well as regular updates and photos from teachers and students about how your impact is making a difference in their special education class. 

“90 percent of special education students can meet regular diploma requirements with the right supports.” - 2015 Building a Grad Nation Report  


About Us brings assistance to teachers by connecting them with funding to purchase the classroom supplies and materials they need immediately. Our teachers provide a dynamic educational experience where children learn and succeed. Read more about our mission and impact on our website.

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